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SLS Printer
SLS 3D printing is an industrial 3D printing process that can create highly durable final parts that require heat resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility or dimensional stability. TPM3D specialized in SLS 3D printing technology, produces high quality SLS  3D printer, including mutiple laser SLS printer, large scale SLS printer, high temperature SLS printer, the build chamber is from 150mm*150mm to 800mm*800mm.
PPS - Parts & Powder Processing Station
All steps, such as laser sintering powder additive manufacturing, component unpacking, powder filtration, mixing, convey
S320HT | High-Temperature Printer
 Products features: 1.Flexible build volume, can meet the requirements of small and medium batch printing jobs,and
S360 | SLS 3D printer
 Build chamber size X*Y*Z(mm): 360*360*600 Maximum scanning speed(mm/s):15,000 Building speed (mm/h):10~25
S480 | SLS Printer
Selective Laser Sintering printing system Maximum operating temperature(oC): 230/160 Build chamber size X*Y*Z(mm) :&
S600DL | Double laser printer
Large building size SLS printer CO2 laser power(w): 140*2 Double Laser Build chamber size X*Y*Z(mm): 600*600*800 &nbs
S800QL | Large scale printer_Four laser sls printer
Large scale with four lasers sls printer, the build chamber size is 800mm*800mm*600mm
P360 | SLS 3D Printer | SLS Printer
P360 SLS Printer is suitable for the manufacture of most of the products such as aviation,locomotive and household appli
SLS Printing Services
TPM3D is a Chinese company that specialized in SLS 3D priinting technology. Besides produce sls 3D printer, we also supply 3D printing service. Our 3D printing center is located in Jiangsu Province, China. The center showcase diversified print exhibits in such fields as automobile,medical services,consumer electronics, and cultural creativity. TPM3D can provide perfect 3d printing service from high quality SLS 3D printers, wide variety materials, 3D scanning, chemical vapor smoothing to dyeing, etc.
Printing Material
TPM3D can supply widely variety printing materials including PA11,PA12,PA6X,PEEk,TPU and other high reusability 3D printing powder, with stable performance, no toxicity and good mechanical s
Application Cases
TPM3D has complete production lines and various printing materials, which can service users in the fields of automobile,electrical appliances, electronics, medicals, cultural & creative,educ
To meet the application needs of different industries, TPM3D has successfully developed S-Series and P-Series SLS additive manufacturing systems, and accumulated a number of national patents. We commit to providing safe, reliable, efficient and environment-friendly 3D printing intelligent manufacturing solutions for the customers from industrial and educational fields such as medical treatment, automobile, consumer goods, electronics, aerospace and so on.
Consumer Electronics
Rapid Phototyping
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About TPM3D
Company Profile
TPM3D technical team has been engaged in industrial-grade 3D printing business since 1999. It has become an industry brand focusing on 3D printing for nearly 20 years.
Since as early as 2003, TPM3D Optoelectronics has cooperated with a German company in the research and development of 3D printing process and equipment with laser sintering as the core technology ...