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China Sls 3d Printer New perspective | SLS 3D printing technology expands new applications

China SLS 3D printer | SLS laser sintering 3D printing technology can produce various functional parts, including rapid prototyping printing for various tests in the product design and development stage, or direct produc

3D Printed Shoes: Not That Far from You!

In shoe-making industry, 3D printing is advantageous in many aspects with various technical features.

Application of SLS 3D Printing Technology in Low-voltage Electrical Appliances

Electrification and automation have developed rapidly in China.Molded-case circuit breakers (MCCBs) have been widely used for their good overload and short circuit protection functions.

Application of SLS 3D Printing Technology in Electric Tools

Efficiency improvement has always been one of the driving forces for innovation and progress. Since Germany-based FEIN made the world's first DC hand-held electric drill in 1895, cases  have been made with alumi

How many steps are there to customize a pair of 3D printing glasses?

Nowadays, we can often see people wearing glasses, such as myopic glasses, sunglasses, ski glasses and other different functions and styles. It can be said that glasses play a very important role in people's lives!

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