TPM3D Sponsors Formula Student China (二) Combustion Racing Car

TPM3D Sponsors Formula Student China (二) Combustion Racing Car

As we know, TPM3D sponsors some racing car teams of formula student China these years.  Today we are going to talk about the Combustion Racing cars.

About Tongji University Racing Team:
Founded in 2007, Tongji University Racing Team(TJU Racing Team) is a leading and world-class university formula racing team in China. It has won two championships in China and is the top Chinese team in the world ranking of university formula racing teams.

TPM3D is one of the sponsors of the 2021 season of TJU Racing Team. It provides the most professional SLS 3D printing technology for the new car TR21, including 62 parts of power assembly, chassis and aerodynamic kit, which helps the car optimize its power system, improve its aerodynamic performance and improve its lightweight.

All the ribs of the front and tail wings of TR21 are sintered by TPM3D Precimid 1180 BLK material, which has ultra-high toughness and impact strength. The new aerodynamic package supported by these ribs can reach 1075 N downforce at 20 m/s, and the external flow field and aerodynamic sensitivity of the vehicle are further improved. Significantly improve the car's corner speed.

Fuel Supply System:
The fuel tank, fuel suction pipe, liquid baffle and other parts of the fuel supply system in TR21 are printed by TPM3D’s Precimid1172Pro GF30 BLK material. This glass-reinforced nylon material has the characteristics of impact resistance and heat resistance. After sealing the components of the fuel tank, it can meet the requirements of sealing the fuel tank and maintaining the pressure of 0.3 bar. The liquid baffle plate can inhibit the engine fuel from shaking, separate the bubbles.

Air intake system:
The pressure stabilizing chamber and intake manifold installed on the intake manifold of the racing engine are also printed by TPM3D’s Precimid1172Pro GF30 BLK material, which is light in weight and resistant to airflow impact. The assembly is sealed by a plane sealant similar to silicone, which ensures a negative pressure of 30KPa and can be disassembled without damaging the parts, further expands the advantages of power assembly on TR21.

At last, wished TJU Racing team made another success in the new season and win the championship!


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