SLS 3D printed medical devices technology can effectively treat scoliosis

SLS 3D printed medical devices technology can effectively treat scoliosis

At the end of May 2022, Sls 3d Printed Medical Devices | the 3D printing medical team of Chen Xinghai Hospital found that Xiao Luo, a fifth-grade female student at Xiaolan Town Central Primary School in Zhongshan City, had scoliosis, with a scoliosis angle of 25°, which caused certain troubles to Xiao Luo's study and life.

After communicating with the school and parents, I learned that Xiao Luo's family life is more difficult, but the child's scoliosis has a tendency to become more serious. In order to reduce the impact of scoliosis on children's health and daily life, Chen Xinghai Medical 3D Printing Medical Application Center decided to make scoliosis braces for Xiao Luo for free.

To make scoliosis orthopedic braces, first use iReal handheld infrared 3D scanner to scan the patient in three dimensions, after obtaining body data, orthotists use professional orthosis design software to modify, thicken, lightweight and other designs of the curved model, get the STL brace model and use Yingpu SLS laser sintering printing equipment to print, the printed brace is smoothed with chemical steam, which can make the orthopedic brace more tough. At the same time, it is waterproof and dirt-resistant, effectively avoiding the growth of bacteria.Sls 3d Printed Medical Devices |  After treatment, the orthopedic brace is fitted with a lining and cable ties and can be worn.

The production process of SLS 3D printing scoliosis orthosis

Xiao Luo's orthopedic brace was finally printed and molded by Yingpu P360 laser sintering SLS3D printer, the molding cylinder of P360 reached 600mm in the height direction, which can meet the requirements of printing adolescent and adult braces at the same time, and the material used is Precimid1172Pro, which is a white nylon 12 polymer materials, with good mechanical strength and wear resistance, after printing after chemical steam smoothing, the whole process is completed within 1 day. The whole set of braces has a smooth surface, waterproof and antibacterial, tough and durable, and has the lightness and comfort that traditional braces do not have.

After Xiao Luo wore the brace for a week, her scoliosis degree was controlled from the original 25° to the current 10°, the effect was very obvious, and Xiao Luo's whole person became more and more confident. To this end, Xiao Luo's family specially presented a pennant to thank all the medical staff of Chen Xinghai Hospital 3D Printing Medical Center for their help. Chen Xinghai Hospital 3D Printing Medical Center will continue to practice social responsibility, carry out foot spine screening every year, and use SLS 3D printing technology | Sls 3d Printed Medical Devices |  to solve problems for more patients.

Comparison of the effect of Xiao Luo before and after wearing the orthopedic brace


Xiao Luo's parents presented pennants

Chen Xinghai Hospital 3D Printing Medical Application Center is a 3D printing digital medical application center jointly established by the School of Medical Transformation of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhongshan Chen Xinghai Hospital and Yingpu 3D. The center is led by Academician Dai Kerong of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with the team of Professor Wang Jinwu as technical support, the chief physician of the Department of Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Imaging of Chen Xinghai Hospital providing medical solutions, and the digital medical engineer of Hongpu (a wholly-owned medical subsidiary of Yingpu) responsible for product design and manufacturing. At present, orthopedics, rehabilitation, child health, neurology and oncology are set up to provide precision medical solutions for more patients.



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