Look! How Does SLS Nylon Printing Help Cure Scoliosis?

Scoliosis can be mainly treated by operative method or non-operative method. Scoliosis operation can be said the most difficult, dangerous and expensive one among surgical operations. Unless there is no alternative, it i

SLS 3D Printing: A Magic Weapon for Customized Rehabilitation Assistive Applianc

Among various 3D printing technologies, selective laser sintering technology (SLS) is more suitable to make rehabilitation assistive appliance, because it uses polymer as the base materials, and can be printed with diver

How does SLS 3D printing help scoliosis patients?

Scoliosis can be divided into two main categories: Non-structural and Structural. Non-structural refers to temporary scoliosis caused by some reasons, once the cause is removed, it will be recovered, but long-term existe

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