SLS 3d printing sintering out of art and creativity

SLS 3d printing sintering out of art and creativity

What is art? Art can be the ethereal of the keys and melodies, or the lightness of the shoes and steps; It can be the purity of thought and words, or the shaping of ingenuity and clay; It can be the echo of paint and canvas, or the obscurity of light and shadow; It can be the passion of fire and fireworks, or the resonance of laser and powder, so art is...
Laser sintering
Immediately back to business... Art and cultural creativity have always been fields of creativity and imagination, and artists and designers in these fields are more adept at using new materials and technologies to bring people refreshing experiences. And 3D printing technology has an innate "sense of technology" and "novelty", the artworks used to manufacture are often more attractive to people's attention, and 3D printing technology can quickly present the model in the digital design software, this almost "what you see is what you get" technical advantages, can help designers break through the limitations of traditional craftsmanship, and turn their imaginative brains and imagination into reality faster and better.
3D printed artwork at the graduation exhibition of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

In view of the fact that artistic design and cultural creative models often have a large number of special-shaped curved surfaces or hollow structures, compared with FDM and SLA technology that need to use support structures when printing suspended parts, laser sintering technology (SLS)  | Double Laser Sls Printer printing using powder materials is more advantageous, SLS technology usually does not need to add support structures in the printing process, and there is no trouble caused by the support link, and the freedom of the artwork structure is greatly improved; In addition, SLS technology can use materials such as nylon or TPU, which themselves have excellent strength, toughness, temperature resistance, and wear-resistant durability, and are suitable for printing various shapes and complex artistic designs.

sls printed art products by TPM3D

SLS technology printing clothing fully demonstrates the advantages of this technology, can use toughness or flexible materials such as PA12 or TPU to print wearable clothing, easily cope with all kinds of hollow structure and personalized fit design, and then through dyeing treatment, can add brilliant color effects to the design.


SLS 3D printed costumes for Peking Opera performances

Körner and van Herpen use SLS to 3D print the fashion

Architectural design is also a hot field for the application of SLS technology, using the process characteristics of SLS technology, the scale model of the building can be printed in one piece, helping designers verify their own design, and can be used for sand table display.

SLS 3D printed model of Suining Sports Center, Sichuan Province

SLS technology is also widely used in the field of sculpture design, which used to require designers to draw drafts by hand and then make them by hand, but now they only need to be modeled in software and then handed over to the printer to manufacture. The excellent strength of nylon material can support a variety of styling designs and is durable.

sls 3d printed statue

In addition, in the field of cultural and creative, you can also use 3D printing technology to display the organic combination of functionality and aesthetics while displaying the designer's rich creativity.

TPM3D  printed SLS creative lamps and creative pen holders

TPM3D, as a domestic SLS equipment manufacturer, is also actively expanding the application of art design and cultural creative markets, and the China Academy of Art, located on the shore of Hangzhou's West Lake, is the user of  TPM3D SLS additive manufacturing equipment. The China Academy of Art adopts TPM3D's two sets of SLS 3D printing systems to realize students' innovative design, mainly printing art sculptures, installation landscapes and other artworks.

China Academy of Art's TPM3D P360 laser sintering system & PPS cleaner production solution

The material used by users is TPM3D Precimid1172Pro white nylon 12 material, this general-purpose nylon 12 material has good comprehensive performance, the printed model surface is uniform, the details are identifiable, and has good durability, which can well meet the school printing all kinds of clothing, architecture, sculpture and other artworks. Requirements for presenting design results and presenting them over time.

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