TPM3D | S320HT high-temperature printer | SLS Printing Services

TPM3D | S320HT high-temperature printer | SLS Printing Services

  •  S320HT  |  High-Temperature Printer
  •  S320HT  |  High-Temperature Printer
  •  S320HT  |  High-Temperature Printer

S320HT | High-Temperature Printer

 Products features:
1.Flexible build volume, can meet the requirements of small and medium batch printing jobs,and more flexible
2.Laser:60w ceramic CO2 laser as standard, which is free of inflation for life, long service life and lower maintenance cost. Can alsoOptional 100w laser.
3.Temp measurement system:Optimized the temperature measurement workflow and improved efficiency by 20%.
4.Active Cooling: Equipped with patented technology of Active Cooling, which can shorten the cooling time in printer. Start the cooling process when unattended.
Build chamber size X*Y*Z(mm): 320*320*380
Effective space size X*Y8Z(mm):310*310*370
Laser thickness(mm):0.06~0.2 adjustable, recommended values 0.12
Maximum operating temperature(oC): 350/300
Maximum scanning speed(mm/s):13,000
Building speed (mm/h):10~25
CO2 laser power(w): 80

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TPM3D S320HT is characterized by fine spot, flexible forming space and high operating temperature (maximum operating temperature in working chamber up to 350oC). it is an additive manufacturing system for pertinenty printing PEEK materials and special high -temperature materials.

The Open Breakout Unit with open design, convenient for many people at the same time to clean the mass production of multiple small parts; fast switch between different materials , unpacking workstation can also effectively filter and recover the powder, ready for the next production. 

Building Chamber size  X*Y*Z(mm) 320*320*380
Effective Space Size     X*Y*Z(mm) 310*310*370
Dimension of Main Machine   W*D*H(m) 1.34*1.28*2.15
Dimension of Control Unit   W*D*H(m) 0.60*1.06*1.92
Weight of Main Machine  (kg) 1,350
CO2 Laser Powder (w) 80
Focusing 3-axis,dynamic focusing
Building Speed  (mm/h) 10~25
Layer Thickness  (mm) 0.06~0.2 Adjustable
Recommended Values 0.12
Diameter of Laser Beam  (mm) 0.22
Maximum Scanning Speed   (mm/s) 13,000
Maximum Operating Temperature (oC) 350/300
Powder Pyrometer Long Term Stability  (oC/Year) 0.1
Powder Feeding type Powder discharged upside
Powder fed both sides
Data Format STL
OS Windows 10.0
Data Processing Software Voxeldance Additive -TPM3D Version
Options for Color of SLS Parts White, Black or other colors
Auto Lock for Platform Yes
Lifting Trolley Manual
Active Cooling Yes
Thermal Management for Control Cabinet Chiller
Powder Recoater Smart dual blade
Electrical Protection PL-e Dual-channel security control
Nitrogen Generator Integration
Powder 380V, 3P/N/PE, 32A, 50/60HZ, Avg 3kw

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